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Staffordshire Earthenware Prattware Adam and Eve Plaque circa 1800

  • $125.00

Offered for sale is this rare molded and hand painted Staffordshire earthenware plaque with a scene of Paris and Oenone It is molded with with a fancy rococo border and painted in shades of yellow, green and brick red. It dates to circa 1800 - 1810. The plaque measures 8 1/2 inches tall by 7 18 inches wide.

Oenone was a nymph of Mount Ida, loved by Paris. When he set off Troy in search of Helen, Oenone was madly jealous. Haring that Paris had been wounded by Philoctetes with one of Hercules' arrows, dipped int he poisonous blood of the Hydra, she refused to cure him. Repenting of her heartlessness, she sped to Troy to find Paris already dead, whereupon she flung herself on his funeral pyre.

The plaque weighs 10 oz (shipping weight 2 lbs). The plaque has a number of professional repairs. It is not easy to see, but you can just see the repair lines near the top and bottom. There is some over-painting on Oenone's legs and the back has also been over-painted. There is also a new rim hairline, as shown. Please see the detail photos. This rare piece would be at least a $750 item if perfect.

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