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Pair of Miniature Requa's Patent Valve Nozzle Milk Glass Dropper Bottles 1876

  • $45.00

Here is a rare item. A pair of miniature dropper milk glass bottles with Requa's Patent pewter nozzles (Patent date September 12, 1876). These bottles were designed to dispense liquid drop by drop. Probably they were used as medicine bottles. Each nozzle screws onto the bottle and the tip of the nozzle screws on and off as well. The patent information is marked on both nozzles.

The taller bottle is 4 1/2 inches tall with the nozzle. The pair weighs 6 oz (shipping weight under 1 lb)

Condition: both nozzles damaged, one slightly bent; the other has lost its valve entirely. One The glass for both bottles is in excellent condition

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