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Chinese Ming Wanli Swatow Blue and White Double Phoenix Dish 1608

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Offered for sale is this blue and white double phoenix dish from the Binh Thuan shipwreck of 1608. The Binh Thuan Wreck was the junk of the Chinese merchant, I Sin Ho. His ship was lost off southern Vietnam in 1608 while bringing silks and other Chinese goods to trade with the Dutch, who had set up a base in Johor. Dishes of this double phoenix pattern were found in quantity when the shipwreck was discovered off the coast of Vietnam in 2001.

Robust and beautifully painted Swatow (Zhangzhou) ware was made mostly for the Southeast Asian and Japanese market. Production was limited to the period between the mid-16th and mid-17th centuries. The shipwreck cargo comprised roughly equal numbers of underglaze blue-and-white and overglaze enamel decorated ware, mostly in the form of dishes, bowls, jarlets, and covered boxes. The Southeast Asians and Japanese prized Zhangzhou porcelain above all other ceramics. It was used in ceremony and passed down as family heirlooms. In the Philippines it was often buried with the dead. A reasonable amount was also shipped to the European market, where it became known as "kraak" ware, named after the Spanish and Dutch carracks that bore it to Europe.

The dish is 11 inches wide by 2 inches tall. It weights 2 lbs (shipping weight 4 lbs).

Condition: The dish is in fine condition with no chips or repairs. There is some fine crazing of the glaze. No labels or marks.

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