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Boston and Sandwich Lacy Flint Glass Rayed Peacock Eye Bowl circa 1840

  • $50.00

Beautiful lacy flint glass bowl from Boston and Sandwich in the pattern known as Rayed (or Crossed) Peacock Eye. Rings like a bell when tapped, with a metallic sound. Literature: Barlow and Kaiser, A Guide to Sandwich Glass, plate 1074 & 1075. The bowl dates to circa 1835 - 1850.

The bowl is 7 1/2 inches wide by 2 inches tall. It weighs 1 lb 4 oz (shipping weight 3 lb).

Condition: Very Good. Has the usual rim roughness of such early glass, numerous fleabites but no serious chips. The usual bubbles and cooling striations of very early pressed glass production. Please view the detail photos.

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