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Antique Minton Signed Silenus Bacchus Brown Relief Molded Jug 1831

  • $145.00

A fine antique signed Minton brown colored stoneware pitcher in the molded Silenus (aka Bacchus) pattern. The pitcher is molded in very high relief and is signed with a nearly unintelligible ribbon mark on which I can just make out "No. 16" and "M". This design was introduced by Minton in 1831 and was produced over many years. Being of such high relief, the design is applied as well as molded. This is the earliest mark. This jug is dry body stoneware.

The pitcher is 8 1/4 inches tall. The pitcher weighs 2 lbs 8 oz (shipping weight 4 lbs).

Condition: Good. There is a tiny hole just under the arm of one figure. It looks more like a firing break than damage, but it definitely makes this jug a shelf piece.There is a line on one side of the spout which might be a telltale of a professional repair. If so, it's very well done as there is no change in surface color or texture whatsoever. I think it's probably not a repair at all, but I mention it & show a closeup just to be safe. See for yourself.

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